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Auto-Analyzing of Data Logs for DiabloSport inTune, Trinity, Predator®
GM-Gas* Tuners

Easy to use – Assists in making Tune adjustment decisions

1. Obtain a log file from your Predator using the DiabloSport DataViewer®, and export it as a .csv file...

2. Import that .csv file into DSLogRedux™...

3. A few mouse clicks and log data reduction is performed; suggested tune adjustments are provided!

Get a custom DiabLew Tune!

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* At this time, this application only supports GM-Gas (non-E85) log files extracted from Predator tuners. Since different manufacturers apply differing engine tuning controls and strategies, as well as parameter names, support for other manufacturer's vehicles are not available at this time. In the future, it is hoped that support can be added for those vehicles as well.
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